Do not book shows in Columbia/W. Columbia 14 days before or after a show booked at NBT. It generally affects both shows negatively and is unfair to the bands you play with and the venues you're playing.



All bands are expected to promote their show at least two weeks in advance, whether they are headlining or not. Promoting your show means flyers, posting on the internet, calling and e-mailing friends/fans, etc. Also WUSC will allow on air interviews if you contact them far enough in advance. Touring bands are expected to have posters and promotional materials to the club at least 3 weeks before their show. Approximately 15 posters are requested. In addition, we request a total of 4 press kits to be submitted to properly promote the show. These kits need to be sent to The Free Times, The State, The Gamecock and one to the club. Contacts are listed on the contact page.


Local bands are expected to be able to draw a minimum of 15 people, regardless of the day they are playing or their spot on the bill. 30-50 is considered a solid draw and 50+ headlining material. If you can not draw the minimum 15 people then please do not contact use about booking you until you have built a crowd of 15.


Stage times are approximate, and sometimes bands go on later than the time given. Advertise the time given. We reward bands that have their crowd come early and stay late to support the other bands on the bill. It is also expected that bands stay the entire night to support the other bands on the bill. If you are not interested in the bands that you are playing with then why did you choose to play the show with them?


All bands are paid after the show. If you are a local band and can't stay until the end of the show to get paid then check back with the bartender within a week of the show for your pay. Most local shows are door splits based upon your draw with the bigger the draw the better the percentage the band will receive.


Traditional press kits and demos are not necessary. Website/Myspace/Purevolume links are preferred. If you don’t have a website with an audio clip, you need to get one. If touring, please check the calendar first to see what’s going on, and don’t ask to be added to any shows the week of the show. If you have never played NBT before, don’t ask to be booked as support on a big show. We reward the bands that help us first. At load-in, please do not be late. These times are given for a reason. If you aren’t here on time, we may not know if you are coming at all. Always call the club (803.791.4413) and/or the booking agent (803.414.9070) if you are going to be late. Bands that are excessively or repeatedly late will be bumped from shows. Once your levels are set at sound check, under no circumstances are you to turn up. We have strict noise levels we must adhere to. If the soundman asks you to turn down, and you refuse, he has the right to cut your power.


These nights are setup to give new bands in S.C. a chance to play in the Columbia area. They are also used by the club as a way to scout bands and see how well they play, what kind of a draw they have, etc. These nights are non paying gigs. If you are a new band, or a band that has never played NBT before, you must first play a New Music Night before being considered for other bookings. Click the Contact link and include the following in the message:

Band name


Style of music

Age of band members

Website if available

in short paragraphs.

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